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We take pride in safety, our employees and our customers

Fuel Transportation

Our list of clients includes Costco, RaceTrac, 7-Eleven, Circle K, Murphy USA, Fuel City along with some of the largest fuel distributors in North America.

Dispatch Services

Are you tired of the constant calls/emails relating to allocation, kickbacks, call- outs, equipment issues etc? If so, outsource your dispatch needs to QW Transport’s Dispatch Services division.

Advertise with Us

QW will wrap trailers with desired brand messaging. Covering 10,000 miles of driving per day and over 150 deliveries, this is the most complete Out of Home Advertising solution for fuel transportation companies.

Fuel Transportation

  • QW Transport delivers petroleum products to 1000+ convenience stores/commercial accounts throughout Texas. Our trucks are parked in Dallas, Ft Worth, Waco, Tyler and Greenville.
  • Hauling gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel and transmix, QW Transport has grown into one of the largest Fuel Transportation carriers in North Texas.
  • With over 50 drivers and a robust dispatch team, our clients never have to worry about running out of fuel.
  • Partnering with a sophisticated dispatch software has allowed QW to make the delivery process easier for our drivers and customers. With our dispatch software, our back- office receives timely data that has allowed us to automate billing and driver payroll. This ensures are clients are billed in a timely fashion and that our drivers are paid accurately.
  • QW Transport prides itself on strong safety performance with superior equipment and formalized training programs. Our drivers are eligible for quarterly bonuses tied to safety and being in compliance with Texas Department of Transportation.

Dispatch Services

Continuity in a dispatch department is essential for sustained success. Over time, we have built a robust dispatch team which has resulted in tremendous growth and stability for QW Transport. This philosophy has stimulated QW Transport to launch a ‘Dispatch Services’ division. This division allows other Fuel Transportation carriers to outsource their dispatch needs (partial/full) so that they can focus on the traditional core assets of their business: Maintaining/Hiring safe drivers and growth with new/existing customers.

Dispatch Services offered:

  • Inventory Control
  • Planning/Routing
  • Support
  • Administrative Duties
  • Freight Invoicing
  • Driver Payroll